Writing poems late at night


My friend, my finally cancer free friend, Meredith Lee, was here a month ago to visit. We met in Athens and I spent 3 days with her before she was off to a cruise around the Greek islands enjoying her ‘freedom’. We mostly spent our days strolling around Athens and taking pictures as she just wanted to take as much in as possible of the Athenian atmosphere and landscape. We went around the historic center, talked to people on the streets, shop owners, dogs and cats (!). We walked for hours, one day probably over 20 km! I even took her to the theatre to see the latest Enke Fezollari success! She cried in the end!

The very last evening, tired as we were, and wanting to just chill in the hotel, after a Japanese sushi dinner, Meredith suggested we write poetry! And we really had great fun. I thought I should share the little game we played as it could easily be used in the ESL class. So here it is!

This could work well for a B2-C2 class but it could also work fine with lower classes as long as you make some modifications.

  • In turns we each chose 6 verbs and then 6 nouns/adjectives randomly and listed them under two columns. 12 and 12 in total.
  • Then, again in turns, we had to choose one verb from column 1 and one noun/adjective from column 2 and create a short phrase, a short sentence, a verse.
  • Each of us would choose the 2 words, create the verse, say it and then write it down
  • Although we had not decided that the verses had to be linked with each other, we  both tried to create affinities between them.

The poem we ended up writing is the following :

A pebble brought by time

Taking a stroll along the rugged coast

As soft and sensitive as it  may seem

I am yearning for yesterday’s passion

I want to hear the waves whisper in my ear

The moment the pain vanished and I forgave

The longing became unbearable

But I still remember broken promises and empty words

Tell me, support me, believe me.

I was patient. I waited but you languished

By the sea like a crayfish scorned, selfish shellfish.



I hope you enjoy it!



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