‘Dear Sige’

‘The waltz we were born for’  is Magdalena Brzezinska’s new international, collaborative, literary and artistic project connecting artists from all the continents, this time around music. It can be found here 

Magdalena asked me several months ago if I would like to contribute in some way and I finally decided to write a poem. A poem about silence, in fact, not sound or music, because silence has defined me in many different ways in the past few years, although apparently  a talkative person. So here is my poem and I hope you like it :

Dear ‘Sige’

Can I talk to you, silence?

Better than talking to another


Dear ‘sige’, I remain within your enclosure and in it I feel safe

No pain when in you


Floating in you I feel  free

Your gentle whisper against all cacophony


Silence, you are a noise

My noise,  beneath words


Behind words you are

I am the hollow place inside which you reverberate

Your deafening sound releases me.


In your arms, ‘sige’,

In your arms, until we are one


Special thanks to Anna Androulaki and Konstantinos Implikian for their suggestions and guidance.


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