Call for papers : Debating the status of Theory in Technology Enhanced Learning Research (University of Lancaster)

Call for papers


In 2020, Lancaster University’s Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning will launch the peer-reviewed, online open-access journal Studies in Technology Enhanced Learning. Intended as a vehicle for critical commentaries, review articles and empirical studies, the journal will further expand the many discussions already happening around the Centre and wider community. We’re pleased to circulate the Call for Papers for our Special Inaugural Issue, which will have the title: Debating the status of Theory in Technology Enhanced Learning Research. You can read everything  here Call-for-Papers-Debating-Theory-in-Technology-Enhanced-Learning

In short, we are hoping to attract a wide range of submissions: we encourage contributors to respond creatively to the theme and will be accepting a wide range of submission formats and lengths.

Key dates 19 July 2019 – Outline proposals due (Consisting of title, authors list, 200 word abstract, and notes about intended length) 01 November 2019 – First drafts of papers due 02 March 2020 – Final manuscripts due

Please send outline proposals to Brett Bligh [ ] by 19 July 2019.


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