Vicky Papageorgiou is an ESL/EAP Lecturer with over 20 years of experience with mainly adult learners. She holds a BA from Aristotle University (with Distinction) and was awarded an MA in Education (Open Univ. of Cyprus) and an MA in Art History(Goldsmiths College, UK), as well as a  PGCE in Technology Enhanced Learning from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (with Distinction)  . She studied in Greece, Hungary, Italy and the UK but also participated (at the age of 22-24 years) in an international project for the McLuhan program in Culture and Technology for the University of Toronto, Canada, translating an online dictionary in Linear Perspective (Distinction) . In total, she has been awarded 4 scholarships (I.K.Y., Erasmus, Tempus, European Community Projects). Her fields of interest are ESL and Art, EdTech and MOOCs,  creativity and Inquiry Based learning, use of video. She  currently divides her time between Thessaloniki (Greece) working as an Adjunct Lecturer at Metropolitan College for the past 8 years, and Oxford working as a summer EFL instructor (Oxford St Clare’s College). She is also a co-editor at ELTA Serbia Publications and editor of the Visual Arts Circle. 




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