‘As a matter of fact’


As a matter of fact is my new poem for Magdalena Brzezinska’s new collection ‘I prefer exceptions’ that has just come out. The poem is below :


‘Dear Sige’

‘The waltz we were born for’  is Magdalena Brzezinska’s new international, collaborative, literary and artistic project connecting artists from all the continents, this time around music. It can be found here 


Writing poems late at night


My friend, my finally cancer free friend, Meredith Lee, was here a month ago to visit. We met in Athens and I spent 3 days with her before she was off to a cruise around the Greek islands enjoying her ‘freedom’. We mostly spent our days strolling around Athens and taking pictures as she just wanted to take as much in as possible of the Athenian atmosphere and landscape. We went around the historic center, talked to people on the streets, shop owners, dogs and cats (!). We walked for hours, one day probably over 20 km! I even took her to the theatre to see the latest Enke Fezollari success! She cried in the end!