My letter to my ‪#youngerteacherself‎ for Joanna Malefaki’s (@joannacre) blog challenge!

167210_1877392374923_6869167_nVicky mou,

Would you be surprised to know I am talking to you from the future? Perhaps, yes.. You are starting out as a young teacher and I am pretty sure you would appreciate some advice from a more experienced professional than you. What could I tell you then that you don’t already know? Here are a few suggestions :

  • Learn to appreciate your students. They are going to teach you as much as you are going to teach them, too. If not more!

  • Be patient. Rome was not built in a day! It takes time to learn and you need to remember this as well as to remind this to your students , too.

  • Make them feel special because they are! And make them smile or laugh in every lesson. If you want them to come back, you need to create a very pleasant environment that will make them want to study.

  • Don’t ever believe you know enough. There will always be something more you can learn. Broaden your horizons and your knowledge. Do not limit yourself to obtaining only a professional education . Make sure you acquire a broader education. It will open up your mind.

  • Do not hesitate to open up and ask for advice . Talk over your possible teaching problems with a more experienced teacher.
  • Be prepared to work long hours because your job never finishes once you leave that classroom.

  • No one promised you a ‘rose garden’, which means you are going to face difficulties. At the same time, it is a very rewarding job .

  • Be genuinely interested in your profession. Be passionate about it because this is the only way you will be able to overcome obstacles but , most of all, enjoy every moment of it!!

Hope to talk to you again! You know where to find me!!

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